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Paref - Run De Hills Event at Antipolo
One of the great way to get into shape is running on a regular basis. There are many benefits which you can get through proper exercise. Those who would want to lose a few pounds find running as the best way stay fit and healthy. Another advantage of running is it reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease to an individual. Studies shows that running raise the levels of good cholesterol while it strengthen your heart and lung function. Now more Filipinos are participating in Fun Run events organize by various NGO's and other private organizations.

Yours truly after the Paref Fun Run Event. Click below link to see full article:

Yours truly on Red Cross - Million Volunteer Run
 Fun run is a friendly race usually held to raise funds. It is often breakdown into 3k, 5k, 16k and more depending on the organizers concept. You can either walk and run (basta wag lang crawl :]) at your own phase. For newbies, you would want to do some preparations before your anticipated first Fun Run. Train atleast 9 to 12 days prior to the event that builds you up and tapers you off gradually. Your last training run should be 3 days before the Run event. Hydrate yourself, drink lots of water everyday prior to the schedule of Run. Here's the list of Do's and Dont's serves as your guide.

Do's and Dont's during Fun Run:
  1. Do come early before the scheduled Gun start for registrations, signing of waiver, receiving of bibs, singlet and other running kit.
  2. Do some stretching for warm-up before and after the run/walk to reduce muscle tightness and increase your range of motion.
  3. Do wear appropriate and comfortable clothing and shoes.
  4. Do take a look at a map of the course.
  5. Don't give yourself a lot of excuses. :[
  6. Don't run in worn out shoes.
  7. Lastly, don't push through with the run if you think you don't feel well. Have a medical check-up first if you are significantly overweight and have a family history of heart disease.
 If at any point of the race you feel uncomfortable or too tired, sound off to any of the marshals for assistance. Most importantly ENJOY and HAVE FUN!!!

Special Note for "Kikays" don't forget your sunblock, hair tie, sun glasses (if you want), your cellphone (use a Wrist Cellphone Pouch) and a cute running mate if you have one! lolz.. :))

One of the best movie of all time: Forest Gump
Run like Tom Hanks in Forest Gump if you want :)

Next time I'll try this: "Outbreak in Manila"

Nuvali Sta.Rosa - Zombie Run

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