Summer Blast  in Boracay!

Looking back from last Summer Season, we had a blast in Boracay in which I've took up some photos. Prior to our departure, I was so excited that I've checked the weather forecast if it's gonna be sunny or rainy. Apparently, it made me upset when I saw the symbols of "cloudy and scattered rain showers" on the weather forecast weekly table. Then I come to realized that weather forecast is sometimes inaccurate when we arrived in Kalibo in which the climate is too hot and sunny. Boracay as I expected have kept its beaches and white sand clean and well preserved. I've seen a lot of tourist, mostly Koreans and Americans all over the place. It's been primp like a beauty queen from a pageant.

Anyway, here's the photos to appreciate more. :)

Boracay! Not Bora!
Puka Beach
Lobster vendor on the beach side

Indeed there's More Fun in the Philippines! :D

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