Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hello VIGAN!

It has been on my bucket list to spend vacation in Vigan for almost 2 years now until I've finally got the chance and perfect reason to go there. Travelling is becoming more fun and affordable nowadays. One just need to subscribe and get daily updates on the cheapest flights and accommodations. But ofcourse I don't want to go there by myself so I've convinced my awesome fiance to spend vacation there. He Google the place and he wanted to go there and spend some time with me.

My boyfriend, his mom and I went to La Union first to pay a visit to his uncle Roy and family. It was such a wonderful place as well. We spend overnight there then me and Bjorn push through with our plan of going North. We took a bus early morning around 8am and we get there after 2 hours. As expected, the place looks classy Spanish town. Every establishments are designed in such a beautiful Filipino-Spanish way.

We ride "Calesa" in our tour. We went to Bell Tower, Pot making, Hidden Garden and Baluarte. These are just few of the landmarks there that are really remarkable in Philippine History. I still can't believe I've been there. I used to see just the pictures of those places in the books and on the internet.

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