Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Just Found My Other Half

February 2013 when we first met on this social media site thru his cousin Daisy who's my childhood friend as well. We exchange "Hi" and "Hello" but we were both shy to start a conversation.

I was not really into my anti-social device everyday and I'm not good in chatting but I wanted to give it a shot if this will work for us because this is new to me. I had a good time chatting with him and it ended up that we had a lot in common. After that day we just started to send messages more. He was quiet, he don't drink and smoke just like me. He seems to be persistent, funny, understanding, smart, honest and caring person. He's very respectful to his mom and a very sweet person, that's what I've always been looking for a guy. He started to checked if I'm online and I started to checked if he's online. There were times that I cannot wait to be home to message him back, I always find myself checking on my phone almost every minute. He told me that he likes me and love me. My heart beats fast realizing that I was starting to feel the same way for him.

That was early September when I decided to tell him how I feel about him. I knew it's gonna be a big challenge for both of us to be in a long distance relationship but I can't control my emotions. I enjoyed chatting with him and it feels like magic. I can't stop thinking about him and dreaming that one day we will really spend time together. I know there are lots of LDR couples out there who are in similar situations, who might be on the verge of taking big steps but are scared and unsure of the process. But we are so inlove that we're both willing to do everything to see each other. Then he booked his flight February 2013. I was so excited and been sleepless. I couldn't help it but to think what's gonna be like to finally meet him my love. I feel like going crazy smiling for no reason at work. Often times I've open up with my officemate how I feel about him. I was so excited that he's coming here in the Philippines to see me. I've prepared an itinerary for us.

February 11 when he arrived at the airport. I got worried first because his flight was delayed and I couldn't reach him. Then I saw him and that was one happiest day of my life. I knew that he's the one for me and love do exist between us. I pick him up at the airport with his Tita Nenet. He came with me to work the following day and he met my officemates. Next day we went to Baguio City to spend Valentines day for a couple of nights. We did enjoy each others company. We visited his extended family in La Union as well. We also went in Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur, Bicol with my officemates. We ensure that every moments counts. He spent time with my family during mom's birthday. A day before he left, we had dinner with my family. We feel like his 3 weeks vacation was short. we want to spend more time together and we feel inseperable. Then he promised me he's going back to see me again and he did.

August 30 he came back to see me again. I was so worried I got stuck in the traffic going to the airport. When I get there, I was really surprised by what he did. At NAIA Terminal 1 pick-up area, he was there waiting. I was so excited I want to give him a hug. First he gave me a bouquet of flowers then he proposed on his knees asking me to marry him. I said "YES!" definitely then he put the ring on my finger. It was so romantic feels like my heart melts that moment. It was really a big surprise! People also at the waiting area which includes Security guards and other employees start clapping. I saw his Mom, Uncle Noel and cousin. They are taking us picture and video. It was so overwhelming makes me very happy, I almost cry. Until now, I still can't believe that actually happened. It's very unforgetable experience. The following day, Bjorn's family formally came into our house with his Mom, Uncle, Tita, Cousin and Grandparents. They brought us plenty of food. I was so happy to finally meet his family. They are very nice people. His family meets my family. They said it's a Filipino tradition called "Pamanhikan" symbolic meeting where the groom and his parents meet the bride and her family and formally ask for her hand in marriage and discuss plans for the upcoming wedding over lunch or dinner. Filipinos seek their folk’s blessings for a happy and hassle-free marriage. Everything ends up well for me and him.
We love each other so much that we want to spend our lives together. Now we still got so much plans going out together. We will spend our 1st Anniversary in Pagudpud and Vigan Ilocos. We are also booked in Boracay. I really hope it doesn't end but he will eventually go back in Australia and we'll be counting months again before we see each other. We want to get marry soon hopefully on his birthday next year when everything falls into place. We will make our own family. We'll work hard so we can buy our own house and so we can give a better future our kids.

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