Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hair Keratin Treatment

Since I'm too busy with a lot of things, I would always prefer less manageable hair--for ladies with long hair like me, who doesn't? I had my hair rebonded yearly but I noticed that 10 months after, my hair gets dry and frizzy. My hair strands have gone a lot thinner and damaged. While browsing this Group Buying site, I often read about the Keratin treatment offered by various Salon. Then I wonder what Keratin does to your hair.. I've read this treatment replenishes lost Keratin to your hair, protein that makes your hair shiny and healthy. In short, I bought 1 voucher online to have it try personally. Knowing David Salon for their services, I expected that it will be worth trying.

 I had my hair done at David Salon, Wilson branch. I went to Promenade building in Greenhills where the salon is located, as stated on the voucher. Apparently I've been in the wrong street and building. It's the other Wilson Street and Promenade building across Greenhills in which you have to take a taxi or multicab for you to get there, if you're a commuter. The location is not that accessible. I'm not very particular with the appearance of the Salon as long as it's not too crowded, airconditioned and have well trained staffs. Fortunately it didn't took that long for them to assist me since it was 10am in the morning and we were only three customers that time. At first, the staff who's in-charge of me washed and shampoo my hair. The process is like having a cellophane treatment. After she comb my wet hair she applied the Keratin treatment, then have it plastic wrap. 
She leave me for about an hour. Afterwards she washed it again then blow dry. She didn't offer me any other services, which is I like because the customer chooses the services they want to prior to their plan of going to the salons or else you will be force to resist their offer which is I hate to do.
After the treatment --TA DA!!!
Looks great that day but after I've washed my hair the following day, it seems that I haven't had a hair treatment at all. :(
Will I go back? Definitely NOT. Maybe I'll have a hair cellophane instead.

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